Hedging And Pruning Services

Hedges not only look good, they also provide a great way to create shade and privacy in your garden. If you have a hedge that acts as a boundary or screen, you’ll need to make sure it is regularly maintained and kept in shape. Rather than struggling with tools and maybe even dangerous ladders, Jim’s Mowing can look after your hedge for you as part of our comprehensive lawn and garden care services. We have all the equipment and safety gear to get the job done and leave your hedges looking immaculate.


Rain and warm weather can make hedges sprout and grow out of shape. When your hedges need some attention, Jim’s Mowing can trim and cut them into shape, remove dead and dying parts, clean up and then take all the debris away so your garden if left look neat and tidy. If you’ve been putting up with an uneven hedge that you tried to trim yourself, you’ll notice the difference once Jim’s Mowing have worked their magic.

Leave your tree trimming to a professional

If you’re not sure how to trim your trees, you could end doing more harm than good. We will use the correct trimming techniques to stop trees from becoming lopsided and to promote healthy growth of leaves and flowers. If you have larger trees in your garden or backyard, Jim’s Mowing can organise a tree specialist to carry out tree trimming or even removal if the need permits.

If you need a hand keeping your hedges, shrubs and trees under control, Jim’s Mowing hedging & pruning services can help. Call 131 456 today or Book Online.


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